Still Alive! Necrons, Deathwing and Ravenwing!

Sorry about not posting much lately! Been pretty busy with multiple projects and life in general…
Anywho, here’s a roundup of what’s happening in my world:


The Battleforce contest is slowly progressing, unfortunately the inevitable happened.. I bought more Necrons. Now I have an army. Poop.
I’ve just been taking photos for a Necron Warrior Tutorial on how I make the walking legs. I think the pictures are poor so will re-do them later!
I have a great idea for an army too, it consists of the Deceiver, 9 tomb spyders, 30 scarabs and 20 warriors. More on that later!


The commission is going smoothly, a little behind but I can catch up this weekend.
Also my Deathwing are going to a new home! I’ve decided to sell my army and put the funds towards this years projects/a new Deathwing army. Luckily I know where they’re going and that they’ll be looked after, the client I’m doing the commission for has decided to buy them off me.


A huuuge box came for me the other day, contained a massive amount of Ravenwing bikers, speeders and bits. So the Ravenwing army is awaiting construction, which will start in May! The RW will be my Throne of Skulls army for Heat 2 at Warhammer World next November, so plenty of time!

Other Stuff

I’ve been looking at the Rogue Trader Terminators again, I think I will make them into Imperial Fists sometime this year, probably just a small 1000pt army for gaming, with possibly expansion to 1500pts later this year/early next year. But for now they’re sitting on the shelf in pieces!
The Night Gobbos are shelved again until the Summer probably, apparently a new edition of Fantasy is approaching, so I’ll probably get them done for then.
I’ve recently purchased means to cast and re-produce parts in Resin using molds. So you may soon see a small shop appear on here with bases and gubbinz!
The genestealers are in the same box, I made a list for the new Codex but they don’t really interest me. I doubt they’ll get painted unless it’s for an event.


I hope to attend the following events this year:
Vapnartak at York Race Course, 1000pts (With my Deathwing)
Open War at Warhammer World, 1750pts (Necrons)
Heat 2 Throne of Skulls, 1500pts (Ravenwing)
Those are the planned events, I’ve decided not to go to the Finals for the Throne of Skulls, it’ll cost too much, and as my friends didn’t qualify it won’t be much fun on my own!

  • mart007

    I almost feel guilty now for not qualifying!!! More for the fact it would have been nice to see how your DW army did in the best army… having said that winning best army in heat two was a massive achievement esp considering the competition.

    I am aiming for Open War as well… hopefully we can crowbar Pod into going – Wedding – My thumb! ^.^

  • nurglephill

    I never thought i would ever say this but, of all those things i actually think i am looking forward to the Necrons most! Second the ravenwing….BUT i am still waiting for some old termies….GK's…..Inquis….*cough* 😛