Tau Empire Commission Complete

Was asked to paint a couple of Tau Empire units to my Pro standard for a small commission.

I really like the new Pathfinder kit, so much better than the Fire Warriors! The lines and edges are all sharper and neater. I think if I did a Tau army again I’d use the Pathfinders without marker lights as my troops and have them in like jungle theme, hence all the short range carbines.

Anyway less babble and more pictures!

Tau-Commission 006Tau-Commission 003 Tau-Commission 004

The lenses were the usual blue glow everyone loves, except it looks better than just a blast from an airbrush 😉

For the enclosed lenses I paint the whole area with thinned white and then other sources just white.
The enclosed bits get a glaze of Guilliman blue (just the helmets in this case) and once that’s dry, everything that wants to glow gets dusted with blue day glow pigments which really makes them pop! Finally I dot the source with white again.