Tau Empire Expansion Units

Today I decided to paint up a couple of additional units for my Tau army. Luckily I wrote down the scheme during the 5 days I painted the army a few years back.

I decided to paint the Sunshark bomber, Shadowsun and the command drone.

For Shadowsun I gave her a male head as I plan to use her as my own commander testing out the battlesuit.


The bomber was pretty standard. I find both the tau fliers a bit lacklustre in size, design and rules.. However I owned one so I thought it would be best to paint it up! I like the background that it generates plasma bombs so painted that like it was charging up ready to drop another bomb. I haven’t decided what colour to paint the missile pod yet as I plan to go back over the army and make some adjustments to bring them inline with my current skill set. I have a unit of three crisis suits and Vespid to paint up to finish this force 🙂




  • sinsynn

    Really cool lookin’ Tau.
    Bombs away!