Tau Riptide Showcase

Yesterday I painted up a Tau Riptide battlesuit for my Tau army. There’s not much left to paint for this army now – and then I can start on the Tyranids!

I used the same colours as the rest of my tau, followed by the usual gloss and oil wash. Once sprayed with Matt varnish I do all the glows with the airbrush and then dust the model with weathering powders. I might add some transfers at some point in the future ( as I forgot to when he was glossed). The drones are awaiting to be finished still but not sure if I’ll use them that often.
The main gun is swappable – I took photos of the heavy burst cannon because it just looks cool!

I decided to do the head glow red, something that I’ll update on the rest of the force at some point to add some more colours 🙂