TAU: The Five Day Army – Day 1

I have just under 5 days off from work (starting yesterday!) so I’ve decided to take a break from my Necrons and paint up my Tau army that has sat in it’s case since last year. It’s a full Mech list with lots of vehicles and not so much infantry, as you’d expect!

As today as now DAY 2 I will post yesterdays photos!

So that’s the army after I’d done the repairs and built the FW suit to use as my commander. I primed the models and began the long process of aibrushing the colours on!

I’ve decided to go with a desert theme to match the rest of my armies..

The colours I used to airbrush were xv-88 as a base, then I created a gradient effect using Deathclaw Brown, Balor Brown, Zamesi Desert with a final highlight of ushabti bone.

Finally I glossed the models and used oil wash mixed with turps to darken the panel lines, after that I matt varnished the models.

And that ends the progress of DAY ONE!

  • Jon Mattison

    Fantastic progress for your Day One. Makes me want to start over with my Tau.

    Can you explain in a little more detail how you the “oil wash mixed with turps to darken the panel lines” part works?

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    I got it from a Youtube video. I’ve linked it below
    But basically you gloss the models with gloss varnish. Thin some oil paint with turps/white spirits, and then when you put the brush to the gap it sucks the paint off and shoots down the line (very technical! 😉 ) You can then use some turps on a cotton bud to wipe away any mistakes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2JurVVWLzY

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