TAU: The Five Day Army – Day 3

Made good progress today!

I’ve managed to paint the grey and wash it on all the tanks and remainding fire warriors.
I started applying some transfers this evening so that I can varnish them in the morning and crack on with the weathering and glows!

I’m using Micro Set and Micro Sol for the transfers, brilliant stuff!

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.stone80 Richard Stone

    Hey fella – Inspiringly swift work : )

    Did you hand brush the grey on?

    I’ve got a week off too, so will be aiming to focus on clean-up/build/priming of a whole pile of stuff….

    Actually, that’s pretty overwhelming – I’ve got a primed Piranha and a MaskFX digital-camo kit… Hmmmm I see a quick and rewarding paint experiment coming on!

    Wish me luck!