TAU: Three XV104 Riptide Battlesuits!

Managed to get the third Tau Riptide Battlesuit built, giving me two with Ion Accelerators and Twin-linked Fusion Blasters and the team-leader with Heavy Burst Cannon and Twin-linked Plasma Rifle. I’ve built all the Shielded Missile Drones too and will probably use them as it seems rude not to gain an extra 2 T6 wounds.

 photo tauriptide002.jpg

It’s such a lovely kit, easy to build and can be posed in a variety of different ways. After I built the first I no longer needed the instructions for the other two.

What I really liked was that they provided a really tall flying stand/rod and the riptide itself has a socket for the ball to go into. I haven’t seen anyone utilise this yet so I decided to build myself a flying riptide 😉

 photo tauriptide003.jpg
 photo tauriptide006.jpg
 photo tauriptide007.jpg

The other two I made standing, mainly so I had some sanity left, but also so the squad looks cool stood together. Sort of like they’ve all just landed.

 photo tauriptide005.jpg
 photo tauriptide004.jpg

Fantastic kit and I think they’re pretty solid rules wise too!
A nice parting shot:
 photo tauriptide009.jpg

Now I’ve got all this new stuff my painted Tau army is becoming more and more unpainted!