The “Adorable” Line Up

I was sat playing with my models (like we do) and decide to post a size comparison picture of the “now” Plastic Terminator and the metal Rogue Trader Terminators from the 90’s. I’m slightly glad they eventually improved them! I guess next I’ll have to get a model from each generation and line them up! Pretty bad that I own them all..
(I had to put the metal one on a piece of card to bring his base level with the plastic model, as he’s on a resin base which is taller.)

The Metal one is Adorable! Isn’t he? Right?… -_-

  • Svartmetall

    Woah, I hadn't realised the size difference was that pronounced…looks like a good excuse to make another Pygmy Plague Terminator 😀

  • nurglephill

    yes tim….adorable…..ahem