The Belial Project – 2

Part one can be found here

Part Two – Digging myself into a pit.

So, last time I left you with a headless Terminator, that head now sits somewhere on my keyboard.

In this part I’ll be making a hole for the new head to sit in, this mostly just involves drilling holes, making the hole wider and carving with a knife.

So, I started by drilling random holes, just to weaken the plastic and allow my to plunge my pliers into his neck and twist!

After a lot of knife, file and pliers work, I eventually have something that looks like a head socket, so I test out the head I found, I’d already filed down parts of the head to reduce the size:

I still wasn’t happy with where the head was, so I filed and cut some more, it looks a lot neater in real life..the back and bottom parts of the head socket are now completely flat and smooth:

With that I filed down the head some more and tested it, happy I glued it in place.

I’m still unsure about the weapons. I could attempt making a pair of lightning claws I guess.. Will have to look through my bits box!
All I know is that they’ll be a lot of reconstruction work need doing if I have to remove that stormbolter!

  • Ron Saikowski

    The old Space Hulk termies were so static but cool looking at the same time.

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  • nurglephill

    sweet head swap 🙂