The Belial Project

Part One – Terminator Torture Techniques

Here I am again, getting distracted!

If you head over to the right and click on Space Hulk in the Gallery you’ll see I own quite a collection of one piece plastic Terminators from the old Space Hulk game. I noticed there was a plastic librarian and bagged one a few of them (I have three or four now!), I decided to build a plastic Chaplain out of one of the Terminators, it went quite well, head swap, new weapon. Done.

Well I decided I want to keep this “plastic” theme going and have a Belial model made from one of the Terminators. WHere this’ll head I have no idea, but I shall try to keep it going and convert him as much as I possibly can.

What I’d preferably like to do is the following:

Project Plan

  • Head Swap
  • Banner
  • Snazzy armour
  • Weapons – I’d like to have Lightning claws, failing that his stormbolter and power weapon (latter of which is the easy route).

Over all I hope to make a unique figure whilst retaining the look that one piece terminators have.

So, here is the terminator who is being promoted! Already under the Knife!

So first task was to remove the head, last time on the chaplain I just hacked and chopped until I got there.. destroying most of the torso in the process. Lets see if I can do this neater!

Poor guy.

Here you can see where I made two cuts with the saw, I’m not too worried about damaging the shoulder pads at this point, they can be repaired. with these two cuts I can use my knife to remove his head!

A bit of knife and file work later and hey presto, a headless terminator!

In the next part I’ll be making a hole for a new head to go in.. if I can find a suitable head that is!