The Green Stuff.. Or is it White?

No.. It’s definitely green!

I received my new sculpting tools from Heresy Miniatures a few weeks back. Great guy who runs it. Always puts some sort of sweet product in his packages!
Anyway, using my new clay shapers I thought I’d give some sculpting a try, nothing too large or time consuming. Just more than filling in gaps. Been a long time since I tried anything…

Remember the tonne of Goblins I won in an auction a week or so back? Well they came! They rock. I wanted to give a few hoods to add some variation to the unit. So here are my first two:

After doing both of those.. my tools still wanted more. So I started to sculpt over the chainmail on one of the Gobbo Champions. Eventually he turned into this guy, he isn’t finished yet but turning out ok!

I also filled in the two gaps in the arms of the Belials conversions. Added a bit of piping and cables.

  • nurglephill

    damn thats good GS work! Belly looks cool too…nice idea that