The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Goblin King

My other half asked if she could paint some models, specifically the Hobbit figures…. reason being I made her watch the film before the 2nd film came out and since then she’s been pretty hooked (though this week it’s the X-men films). I basecoated some models for her and let her follow the guides from GW (with some of my guidance and alterations). Now most of my paints are on another desk in the office and I keep having to get up to find them!

For someone who’s just started she has a very good natural talent!

So far she’s painted 12 Goblins, a Captain, the Goblin King and Radagast the Brown. I’ve scheduled a few posts with some images of her figures, first up is the Goblin King:

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  • Scott Bowman

    Great job, wish my other half could help me reduce the lead mountain!

  • Dezartfox

    She says thankyou 🙂
    I know I have my own minion now 😉 Though I don’t think she yet knows the height of the mountain..