The Mind is a Powerful Thing

Jumping back to my Deathwing project today.
I found my old librarian a while back (pictured on here somewhere) and decided to convert him. Stripped him of paint, carved the head out of his chest using my pin-vice and clippers. And here we are:

Unsure whether to keep the combi melta or try and exchange it for a sword or Storm Bolter. It was basically the first thing I found.

  • ronsaikowski

    Wow, that some delicate removal work.

  • Dezartfox

    Dark Angel Librarians only have two powers that they can use, they get them both.

    Sadly I've re-stolen his staff back for a Grey Knight Terminator XD So he's waiting for a replacement now!

  • nurglephill

    i guess you have to decide what power you give him before you pick your weapon….right?