The World Eaters go for a Spin.

Went to a new club with my friend last night, for a change I decided to take my World Eaters!
My list was my usual list of 3 squads of zerkers in rhinos, 2 vindies, 2 dreads and Kharn, he bought down his Chaos and his Space Marines.

First game we played was Capture and Control (one objective each) with Spear head deployment (table quarters). We both had mechanized Chaos lists, him with a vindie, a landraider with a Terminator Khorne Lord and 8 berzerkers in, 2 rhinos of Chaos Marines, a defiler and a Khorne Daemon Prince.

I placed my objective as close to the middle of the board as I could, he deployed his in his corner behind a ruin. I deployed first and made my armoured wall in my quarter and the two dreads near the bottom, he deployed his defiler on his objective peaking over the ruin, landraider looking at my column and rhinos behind terrain.
I felt that I didn’t push forward fast enough, I kind of messed around trying to stay in cover and not getting any nearer to the objective whilst leaving mine undefended.. World Eaters just don’t do objectives.

We both had terrible luck all the way through the game, I don’t think anything died in the first three turns of the game as we either didn’t hit or did no damage. His Daemon prince ploughed into a dreadnought but did nothing to it, he was then charged by my other dreadnought a turn later, those dreadnoughts and that prince did next to nothing to each other all game, they fought something like 6 rounds of combat before one finally fell… But it was the middle of the table where all the action happened, we were using two monoliths as terrain, I parked a rhino in-between them and unloaded my berzerkers, his landraider and a rhino were on the other side of the rhino. I was hoping that the amount of cover would save my rhino, so I could move it next turn and get my charge.
All of his shooting was ineffective apart from a VERY risky battle cannon shot from his Defiler, it could have gone very wrong if it had scattered as we both had our Hq’s and a squad on either side of this rhino. It hit, penetrated, he rolled a 6. BOOM. The rhino vanished, now there were two very angry and dusty squads looking at each other.
He then failed his difficult terrain roll.
I HAD to charge, despite losing half my berskers to demolisher fire and the explosion. I had Kharn, 3 berserkers and a powerfist against a Terminator Khorne Lord with Bloodfeeder Daemon weapon and 7 berzerkers with a power fist, I think Kharn decided to chop down two more of my zerkers and a handful of the enemy berskers, the Khorne Lord chopped down the rest of my squad and then Kharn was punched by a powerfist..
The other zerkers that had gone for the objective were also blew out of their rhino and then crushed by the defiler.
Oh and my two vindicators and his vindicator spent the game shooting at each other, doing no damage at all.. I had one successful assault with the other zerker squad who charged the other chaos marines and killed them, my rhino ramming his and immobilising it.

In the end he held one objective and I held none.. d’oh! I’ve made a picture below using my old V40k module to show you how risky the shot was.

Second game was against his Space Marines, I used the same list and he used a Captain with Jump pack, a Librarian, 2 assault squads with a fist, 2 tactical squads with a plasma, lascannon and rhino, 2 vindicators, 2 landspeeders with missiles and a predator with autocannon and H-bolters.
Mission was Kill points and deployment was Dawn of War, he went first deploying his rhino, librarian and tactical squad (in combat squads) on the board, the libby and the plasma combat squad were in the rhino, the highlights of this game were me passing a stupid amount of cover saves, Kharn being hit by a powerfist again, the lone Berserker Champion taking on and killing the Librarian, the dreadnoughts going fire frenzy and shooting me a lot.. then both gaining fleet of foot in the same turn. I was rather lucky in this game as a lot of his fire missed and didn’t do enough damage to halt me, because of two extra turns (6 and 7) it ended as a loss to me by one kill point, 8 to 7 I think, very close game, if it hadn’t have been for those two extra turns I think I would have won.. d’oh!

This weekend I’m going to me GW on Saturday then to another friends on the Sunday, lots of gaming and hopefully more photos.. I’ll be taking my updated Deathwing list (talk about in a sec) and my World Eaters again.

Right, after play testing the Grand Master last weekend, he rocks, so I’ve decided to upgrade him with a retinue of three Grey Knight Terminators (I had started some plastics, but gave up and traded for some metal ones) instead of the remaining dreadnought. With the left over points I managed to upgrade the Heavy Flamer in the Assault squad to an Assault cannon, so all 4 squads have assault cannons and I now have a unit of S6 power weapons, I also gave my Grand Master Sacred Incense (-1 Initiative to Chaos models) meaning they’ll be great against Daemon Princes, Chaos characters and other monsters!

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  • nurglephill

    nice blog update tim, sounds like fun 🙂
    and i like the new addition to the DW army…sounds AWESOME!