Thursday Gaming: SPACE HULK

For some reason, my local GW won’t let us play Space Hulk in the store, no idea why..
So instead of hanging around all afternoon, me and Darklighter (Conflict Scotland partner) decided to go back to my appartment (the joy of living across the road from GW!) to have a game of Space Hulk.
We decided to play The Artefact mission; get the cup, run away with the cup.

Darklighter had bought his SH terminators with him, so we decided to use them instead of my unpainted ones.
I played as the Genestealers first.. and got slaughtered. I didn’t make use of all my blips properly, not really hoarding them in the right places, and all my attempts to outflank the terminators ended in misery, so Darklighter won that game..
We swapped around, my turn to win!

Wrong.. my shooting was terrible, I pretty much used the same tactic as Darklighter (and any other player) used, put the termies in best overwatch positions and then go get the cup. Well… all my terminators died horribly, I didn’t seem capable of rolling 5’s or 6’s at all. One example was my librarian with full AP and 6 CP running forward shooting one stealer.. and not killing it. So yeah I lost that one too!

Great games, the mission seems harder for the stealers due to the lack of entry points, the length of the corridors, and only 2 blips a turn.
Here are some pictures!

  • nurglephill

    Pretty Termies 🙂

  • Dezartfox

    Yeah I want to get mine painted up now…