Tyranid Commission Complete

I finished painting and basing the Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyranids this morning. The Hormagants took a little longer than I anticipated but got there in the end!
I dusted the bases with white as they were red from airbrushing the flesh/chitin because I didn’t want the snow turning pink! It also helps the snow look brighter.

The snow mix is similar to usual mixtures but with some alterations. It doesn’t photograph well unfortunately so hard to see the texture and effect it actually has! It’s bicarbonate of soda, floor polish, Anita’s 3D gloss, white paint and some Vallejo Foam and Snow for extra whiteness! You can get away with just using bicarbonate and gloss but I find the additional “ingredients” add some thickness and texture to the snow. It should be a thick paste that still slowly goes flat in the pot. Too thin and it’ll just go completely flat.