Tyranid Deathleaper Conversion

I had a spare Broodlord from the Deathstorm box set and decided to make a larger Lictor conversion to count as a Deathleaper. There’s still some sculpting work to be done on his head (to give him eyes) and I wanted to add some leg armour.

Bits wise he’s made from the spawn of cryptus model but with hive tyrant hooves, a pair of talons, some rending claws added to the end of his existing arms, a hive tyrant tail and a Venomthrope head:




I’ve bought another set of warriors cheap from ebay, and once I have another box of Zoanthropes I can make three more lictors! Then I can run the formation of Deathleaper and his Lictor brood 🙂

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    So epic! Loving these conversions!