Tyranid Maleceptor Showcase

I’ve finished the first model of my new Tyranid army, a Maleceptor. I started this army after picking up the Deathstorm boxset, which is great value for money! So far I’ve read through the Leviathan book and just started on Exterminatus Which have both been great reads so far!

My new Tyranid force is named Hive Fleet Vanus, which translates to empty or void. I thought it fitted nicely with the unknown origin of the Tyranids and also the name of this site!

The colour scheme I went with is a bit different to usual Tyranid paint schemes as I’ve kept the carapace a similar colour to the flesh – a bluey green turquoise. I’ve added dots and some red shading between the flesh and carapace to break it up a bit. I wanted the pattern on the carapace to be a natural looking as possible so I used a piece of sponge sand dabbed on the two bone colours in a sort of stripe along the carapace and edges of the chimney stacks. Finally the red to black claws add another colour that contrasts nicely with the rest of the model.

The Maleceptor is a psyker and I knew I wanted to have the brain bits glowing (his lack of eyes means i had to really!). Originally I went with blue but really didn’t like the results, so I went with green which was accomplished by washing the brains with Nihilakh Oxide and then dusting it with green day glow pigments.

The base is a rubble strewn destroyed imperial city theme, which I painted using just pigments over a grey base colour. The rusty ruins and soil add some contrast to the Tyranid, making it look more alien.


  • http://www.feedyournerd.com/greggles-tabletop.html greggles

    This is such a fantastic glow! Really love it. I almost wish he had some on his underbody so you could extend some of the glow onto the base!

  • http://brokenpaintbrush.com Joe B.

    That is a fantastic look, the glow make it look very surreal. I’ll have to check out those day glow pigments