Tzeentch Daemons 1250 Tournament List Test Game(1)

SO I played my first game of 40k in about two months last night!
I spent the evening before quickly skimming over the rulebook to try and absorb as much of it as I could.

I was against a Chaos Marine army, which was based around 2 squads of 10 marines with Mark of Nurgle. Backing them up were 2 rhinos, 2 oblits, a squad of raptors, a chaos lord with lightning claws and a jump pack, and a daemon prince with armour and wings.

He deployed out of his rhinos and I got pretty lucky with my two flamer squads landing on target next to each of them, despite me having very few low AP weapons that didn’t ignore cover, he had grouped his units up in terrain, and they were both dead at the end of my turn one.

He couldn’t do much from then on, one unit of flamers died to prince, lord and raptors charging, but not before the flamers caused two wounds on the prince with their overwatch.

Then Fateweaver had an moment of EPIC and turned the daemon prince into a Spawn, bolt of changed one rhino into oblivion and the glanced the other to death with his Daemonic Gaze.

At the end of Turn five it was just the chaos lord left stuck in combat with Horrors, which had been going on for about three turns.

My opponents main issue was not deploying in the rhinos I think. I think he was setting up remembering how my daemons played last time (I usually deepstrike further back and move forwards) so was planning to whittle me down with bolter fire. He also kept shooting lascannons from the obliterators at the screamers instead of assault cannons…

Anywho tomorrow I’ll be travelling UP to Middlesbrough, try and get some practice games in, stay up all night and then travel DOWN to Nottingham!
Bugmans has wifi so I’ll try and post some updates! If not on here I’ll definitely post some on FACEBOOK