Tzeentch Daemons 1250 Tournament List

So this weekend I am going to INVASION in Nottingham with the Middlesbrough Store!
I only found out the other evening so I’ll only be getting a couple of test games played, with no option of changing the list!

The games are 1250 points, normal scenarios etc:

Fate Weaver

3 Flamers (pyrocaster)
3 Flamers (pyrocaster)
3 Flamers (pyrocaster)

9 Horrors (bolt, changeling)
9 Horrors (bolt)
9 Horrors (bolt)

4 screamer
4 screamers

Haven’t played since that daemon booklet was released, and only had a couple of games with the new updates!
A few weaknesses with the list:

– very little to deal with fliers.
– small units = easy VP’s?
– might struggle against mass armoured infantry (tactical marine armies)

What it does do well is cause pain, the screamers and the flamers are horrible units, they’re tougher and cheaper than they were before and the horrors can put out a lot of shots.
Assault wise the list isn’t too strong, but the flamers can hold their own in combat, whilst the screamers should munch most things.

I’m going for a few practice games this evening and will hopefully get a couple in Middlesbrough too on Saturday!

Better start reading my rulebook…