Tzeentch Daemons Invasion Tournament GAMES

So last weekend I travelled to Middlesbrough and then to Nottingham and back to take part in the Invasion tournament, which I’ve attended for the last three years (and it was called Gauntlet). Games were 1250 against other players from the stores in the region.

They altered the way they rank everyone, so there were no first, second and third places for individuals but “Best” of each hobby center, and then a Best hobby center overall.

You can see my list HERE


My first game was against Orks. The army consisted of a Warboss in a unit of Nobs in a trukk, a Bigmek with forcefield, 2 deff dreads, 5 stormboyz, 2 big guns (one zap gun and one lobba) with loads of extra crew, a dakka jet thing and five lootas.
I think deployment was the diagonal one (I don’t deploy so I don’t pay much attention 😉 ) and the mission was Relic.
His deployment was pretty standard, everything pointing towards the relic and moving towards it. For some reason he never deployed his big mek in a unit, so he was slashed to death turn one when my screamers came down and turbo boosted all over him.
The game was pretty standard, I lost 8 out of 9 horrors turn one to the lobba, which I then flamed to death with the flamers, the trukk was shot to pieces and then the unit flamed as they fell out. The dakka jet proved a problem on the Waaagh turn and it shot up a unit of a screamers who had been eating the deff dreads quite successfully.
By turn 4 or five I had wiped out his army, in honesty I had forgotten about the relic and just concentrated on wiping his army out.


Game two was against another Daemon army, this was probably one of my favourite games as it was pretty mind boggling at first! It was the mission with the random pointed objectives and I can’t remember the deployment type at all, other than he went first.
His army consisted of three flying tzeentch daemon princes with bolt and breath, Fate Weaver and 2 units of 5 plaguebears with icons. Very small but hard to deal with at first.
The game was mainly him flying around vector striking my units and then flaming them (which isn’t too painful when you have an Invuln as standard). Fateweaver spent the game splitting fire to try and cause them to crash as were the horrors. The flamers waiting around for them to land and then burn them. I eventually remembered that the flying princes could only turn 90degrees whilst flying and then just kept running behind his princes and shooting them down. The horrors really proved their worth here rolling a billion sixes every turn and even wounding the princes at times. His fateweaver popped after taking one wound and running away and the princes eventually fell to weight of fire. TWO WINS


The final game was against Chaos Marines, I had seen this army over lunch and wasn’t too sure how I’d do against it. He had 2 helldrakes, 2 shooty-fiends (one with three plasma things and the other with one plasma things and shooty guns), unit of 20ish cultists, unit of 10 marines and a lvl 3 sorcerer with 3+ invuln.
Mission was one objective each and long ways deployment. He set up with his back to a big building, surrounding his objective in a big semi circle with his army. On the sides were the two forgefiends with the marine in the center, the cultists in front of them to move towards my objective.
One unit of flamers came down and mishapped and DIED. The rest came down nicely and proceeded to shoot stuff, downing most of the marine squad, including both their plasma guns. The marines failed charge on the flamers who had took a hull point off the plasma forge thing (which it grew back) and in the next turn were wiped out by shooting, the sorcerer being slashed to death by the screamers who had deepstriked that turn. The other unit of screamers ate one of the fiends and proceeded to eat the other later on.
Poor fateweaver was wounded by pistol shots from the cultists, but managed to hang around and aloft. However next turn he came crashing down, not taking any wounds but was then charged by the remains of the cultists. He was saved by the flamers and screamers coming in and eating them but then fateweaver was vectorstriked a few times by the Helldrakes and eventually died. Turn 4/5 onwards was spent shooting at the helldrakes, which I couldn’t down with only two bolts of change on the ground. However both objectives were mine, his warlord dead, first blood and linebreaker in my possession also. THREE WINS.

This year they decided to add the painting scores into the gaming scores, giving a possible points of 50 (and the games pts changed each game; game 1 was worth 5pts, second 10pts, third 15pts).
I managed to take the “Best Middlesbrough Player” award despite lots of our team winning all three games 🙂 Overall we came second as a store by 0.5 pts! The team that had won only had 5 people, where as we had maybe 10+, both young and old. So as a team we did very well to get second place. We blame the loss on one member of the team playing someone from our team in the first game for an unknown reason..

I had a fantastic weekend and some great games, plus it was my first 6th edition gaming event! It has definitely motivated me to play more often I think!

Now for some pictures of my Daemons!