Urban Tau Empire Commission Showcase

A different style of Tau that I normally paint (desert!) this urban Tau force is part of an ongoing commission with various batches spread across the year. The first batch consisted of 60 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, an Etheral, A Cadre Fireblade, Darkstrider and 4 Devilfish.

The scheme was acheived by spraying the models black and then two different greys. A couple of thin glazes of black tied the greys together. Instead of chipping I used scrathes to weather the armour – this gives them a weathered war-torn look whilst still keeping the cleaness of Tau.

The red glow was an experiment from painting the Assassins from Execution Force (specifically the Vindicare). I airbrushed the source and the surrounding area with thin Troll Slayer Orange and then a glaze of Bloodletter Red. I then painted the source Troll Slayer Orange and added a dot of Lugganath Orange. On the larger lenses I then coated this with the thin orange.


  • http://oakenhawk.wordpress.com Oakenhawk

    Love the lighting on the lenses. fantastic.

  • Corwen

    beautiful, the infantry especially suggests twilight somehow, as if they might be a brighter colour but the colour is washed out by the lck of light. Genius.

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