Ven Dread 3 Painting

I’m still shattered after this weekend.. but I’ve still managed to be slightly productive!
I know I wanted to get the World Eaters done, but now I’m taking the Deathwing to the GT (Don’t know if I mentioned that..But I am!) I don’t feel any pressure to get them done. Plus I was feeling all Deathwingy today!

Painted the armour in the usual streaky style, which many people seem to like.. pure laziness/forgetting how to blend is how it came about!
For new readers I’ll list the colours again:
Iyanden Darksun followed by a wash of Badab black, Desert yellow, then a mix of Desert yellow and Bleached Bone, then Bleached Bone, then a mix of white and bleached done. When painting make all your brush strokes in one direction, usually DOWN. I imagine the model standing with his arms by his sides for parts like arms etc.

Still a lot of work to do on this guy, a day or two and he’ll be done!

Thanks to the new theme I can fit 4 images in a row!

Right, now something I spent my evening thinking about, before you say anything yes I do think!
Grey Knight Terminators, what do you think of them? I’m sat looking at the codex and seeing a pretty hard unit to help out my already tough Deathwing units. They’ve a higher WS of 5, a S6 power weapon, a weird Night Fight like rule and of course, terminator armour!
Only problem being is they’re expensive points wise. I could swap out both Dreadnoughts in my list for a squad of 5 with an incinerator and a Brother Captain HQ choice.

And in the middle of this post I just had another idea.. I could swap out the Lascannon dreadnought for a Grand Master, give him a Psychic Hood and “Word of the Emperor” power (if a unit wants to assault him/unit, the have to pass a Ld) which will be great against things like Orks. He has 5 attacks on the charge at S6 with a Force Weapon.. which also uses it’s own rules allowing it to instant kill models with the Eternal Warrior rule.. Brilliant. I love that idea and might try it out! I could put him in the Command Squad and Belial in the Assault Squad, or both in the Command squad and have a UBER unit of death.

  • xbanditsx

    Another great looking Dread and I still love the streaky paint style. I may give it a go when I paint up my Dread.

  • nurglephill

    lovely painting as ever tim….i do like the idea with the GK termies. but in a tournament thats even LEss models etc… test it first!
    i am however DELIGHTED your taking the termies 🙂 yay!