Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rulebook Review

So last night I went to see the new X-men film with the other half, which happened to finish at around midnight, which (total coincidence..) was when GW Hull opened at midnight for a short while to sell the new 40k rulebook!
Initially I wasn’t going to buy the hardback book(s) and just get the Digital version from iTunes iBooks store. It appears I am a sucker for the new book smell. Oh and I purchased the new Psychic Power cards and the Tactical Objectives cards also.

I’ve skimmed through the rules, there are quite a few small changes as well the rules for Super Heavies and Gargantuan creatures added into the core rules. The addition of the Psychic Power phase is a great choice, giving a lot more power and flexibility to psykers.
I haven’t had chance to look over the new missions yet (other than what GW posted) but they’ll add a new dynamic way of playing the game for sure.

Quality wise the books are well made, each having embossed and glossed images on the cover and the spines have a sort of rubbery wax feel to them which will help with general wear and tear.
The slipcase is very sturdy and the books all together look great.

Inside the books the photography is greatly improved, they really put a lot of effort into presenting the models in the best way possible – even if they do overuse the fog machine a little 😉
I’ve seen some people say that the A Galaxy of War book is just a hardback version of Warhammer: Visions, which I can agree with. However the photography section has always been part of the rulebook, so to have it separate is a nice addition and now I don’t need to take a tomb of hobby lore around with me.
I’ve quickly flicked through Dark Millennium, standard background section I presume but nothing much else to report on without looking more into it!
The Rules is what everyone will be talking about. They’re presented in a lot neater format with the rules being more clearly written. The new look and style they’ve used makes for a modern yet grim look which I really like.
Top marks!

The two sets of cards are in thick card stock boxes instead of the usual plastic cases. These appear stronger and more durable with very edges with a slight chamfered edge to them. They also have that waxy rubbery feel to them which should reduce the damage to the edges. Most of the powers remain the same or similar but with the addition of two new disciplines: Malefic and Sanctic Daemonology. The former allowing you to summon daemons and the latter being the powers from the Grey Knights book. I see lots of cheap psykers being used to get the power that lets you summon a greater daemon…

My only gripe with this edition is that it arrived way to early. 6th edition was a bit fragmented with all the additions they added over the last year but I still feel it was a bit too early to bring out another full edition. Hopefully this one will stick around a lot longer!