Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 1

This is the second dwarf commission I’ve worked on over the last few months, it’s very similar to the previous one with it being based around the same box set. It’s the £100 dwarf army, I’m not even sure if they sell it anymore!

The colour scheme for this army is based around an existing model where red is the main colour. For this reason I’ve decided to go with bronze/brass instead of golds which will tie in with the red better and the tones of skin. For the beards I plan to use reddish browns rather than greys (except for older dwarfs and even they will have a more of a brown tint to the shading).
Overall this should give the models a warm feel which will contrast nicely with the rocky grey with patches of snow on the bases.

I really like the plastic rune lord figure, I may have to pick one up for my dwarfs at some point!