Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 1

So this is last project I’ll be doing before I move to my new apartment, and it’ll be a tight squeeze to meet the deadline before I have to start packing!

I’ll be working on a Warhammer Dwarf commission this week. The force consists of a Battle Standard, the plastic Runelord, 20 Hammerers, 2 Organ Guns, a Grudgethrower, two units of 25 Longbeards, and two units of 10 Quarrelers.

I spent all of yesterday building and cleaning up the army, the new Hammerers kit is a very detailed kit which goes together great. The rest of the older models aren’t my favourite… they don’t match the newer style dwarfs and personally I prefer the almost 2D Battle For Skull Pass Dwarfs! A new warriors/quarrelers kit would have been a great addition for the Dwarfs.

1375807_1068663793159687_2979487560076317258_n 10574422_1068701629822570_203154974492476842_n

I was asked to mount the warmachines onto bases so I utilised three spare chariot bases and glued a crewman to each whilst the other two crewmen are on normal bases to represent wound markers.

I spent most of today priming the army with black through the airbrush and then giving the metallics two coats of silvers (dark and light) and then a thin wash of Nuln Oil (mixed in some thinner and glaze medium) to add a bit of depth without making the metal dark.

The scheme I’ve been asked to do for the¬†Warhammer Dwarf commission is turquoise cloth and snow bases.

More tomorrow!