Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 2

A few weeks ago I started a dwarf commission but then I had to start packing ready to move. During this time the client decided to add a couple of units to the army too. This week I’ll be finishing the dwarf commission!

the client asked for a winter theme with an overall bright scheme with a turquoise colour as the colouring on the army. For the hammerers I’ve painted today I decided to add this to the top of the helmets and to the weapon shafts. The hammerers have lots of bright armour and gems which I painted up using Tamiya X-27 clear red straight over the metallic colours. There are 4 different coloured beards in the unit!

There are still some tufts to add to the snow and I’ll enquire with the client on what sort of symbol he wants on the banner (if any).

  • Kasey Hills

    I don’t know if you can remember something so far back, but how did you produce that lovely green colour?