Watcher in the Water – Lord of the Rings SBG

I quickly painted up a Watcher in the Water from Lord of the Rings, I won him new in box from eBay for £28 which was cool as he’s £44 normally.

After a few attempts at building him with legs I tore them back off and made him coming out of the water as he should have been! Silly people at GW who decided to give him crab legs.

I experimented with UHU glue to create the dripping water coming off his tentacles and then realised that when pooled it goes bubbly… so a load of it went on the base! BUBBLES! One day I’ll create a “How to create miniature Bubbles for bases”. One day.


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  • Scott Bowman

    Very nice job and interpretation! I agree I am not a huge fan of the rear legs. Very clever use of UKU for water effects, wouldnt have thought of that!