Weekend Gaming: Space Hulk, Sanguinary Guard

Went to my friends house last night to get some practice 1750 games in for Open War, 4 of us including me were there!

We all arrived Friday night, ordered in the Pizzas, and set up a gigantic Space Hulk board from our imagination. We had a couple of objectives and the board was sort of split into two so we all had something to do. I decided to use 8 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield terminators, a Heavy Flamer and an assault cannon on my side, and Krom used 2 tactical Squads using the Tactical Squad rules I posted a few weeks back (Which I need to update and stuff…)
The other two friend were the Stealers, receiving lots of blips and extra blips whilst a certain room lived.
We ended up playing on giant game, and then one smaller game on just half the board using Tactical marines. Using a new ruleset added something new to the game and we played until around 3am, naturally the marines lost both times. We think we gave the stealers too many blips…

On the Saturday we played three games each, one against each other. I shall post about those tomorrow… now I sleep!

  • mart007

    Good times… genestealers were overpowered. SM were fine in shooting, but need -1 not -2 in CC. Also Genestealers should only have got 2 blips per turn. That said I controled the Stealers and won both games!! woot.. nah needs tweaking… 😉

  • http://isuckat40k.blogspot.com scarylion

    Needs more booze! space hulk + booze = Win 🙂

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    There was booze.. well.. for the others. I don't drink, so I sup Energy Drinks.

  • nurglephill

    Awesome looking stuff 🙂