WE’RE BACK: Converted Flayed Ones

I decided to finish off a project I started a while back, my plastic Flayed Ones!
I liked the metal models, but were too pricey, especially for a unit I was rarely going to use, and as I didn’t ever plan to have more than three units of Warriors I decided to use all the spare (I don’t know why I had so many..) Warriors as Flayed Ones.

With some snipping at the hips and ankles I was able to get all 20 into different poses, and then the project lost interest as I couldn’t be bothered to make a million tiny claws!

Now, with the new shiny book, Flayed Ones have become useful again! I had a load of spare Dark Eldar wych weapons (I say spare as in I now have 20 wyches without weapons…) so they got donated to the project.
A bit of greenstuff for flayed flesh and voila! Completion!


Gaming wise I plan to use these in combination with both Nemesor and Stormlord, deepstriking them near the target so they wont scatter, and then giving them furious charge with Nemesor! I decided against infiltrating them as with the Night Fight they’ll be the only thing the enemy will be able to see, so will get shot to pieces, plus it lets me use the Bloodswarm scarab rule and Nemesors deepstrike ability 😉