WE’RE BACK: Converted Zahndrekh and O’bryan

I decided to convert both these special characters as there’s no models for them yet, at Gauntlet I used a standard Overlord as Zahndrekh (I didn’t use Obryan) but thought he deserved a new form. I used the Trazyn the Infinite as the base, removed the hood, de-bearded the cryptek head, found a suitable staff and gave him a new hand and orb, oh and did a bit of shaving to the details on his waist:


O’bryan is made from a pair of Immortal legs, a combination of torso backs and some lychguard arms, I wanted to emphasise the fact he’s got a big veil of darkness orb and that he’s brick hard, hence the huge shoulder plates and collar. I feel his legs are a little puny but I had to make do:


Here they are as a pair, and leading my new shiny immortal squad:


  • Matthew Lyle

    i would personally go for the old necron lord model (the one from way back when they were all metal men. who is now in expensive-cast) as nemesor, as he is such an archaic personality it would suit him. a bit of modelling work maybe to bring him a bit up to date and bulk him out.

    and for Obyron, it would defo be a pariah with a green-stuffed cape for his Ghost-walk mantle/sempiternal weave.  only place you can get one of those is ebay, but you only need the one.  maybe swap the blade for a more up-to-date lychguard/overlord one.  The cape would be hard, a mixture of rough cloth and the linked-platelets that the new models have.  And the unique chest armour that they had will defo make him stand out.

  • Porkandbeans

    Nice idea, but i feel they dont really stand out as much as they could. your excellent painting will prove otherwise ofc,

    personally i plan to (if i ever get the money/time) get the old old old necron lord model, that they have re-released in expensive-cast, to use as Nemesor, a little bulking out might be needed, but otherwise hes a solid model, and fits with the fluff of nemesor being “stuck in his ways”

    Obryon similarly needs to stand out, and so as a base i would use a necron Pariah (only available from ebay or rare trades these days ;_;) greenstuff him some ragged-y or techno-y cape, with lots of swirls or patterns to emphasise hidden energy, and maybe update the warsycthe.

    anyway, looking forward to more paint on more models.

  • http://kaptainvon.wordpress.com Von

    I really like them!  Painting will give them more distinctiveness, I feel – a Necron’s a Necron until it’s got some colour on it.

    (That said, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw Zahndrek and thought ‘original Lord’.  I wonder if I still have mine anywhere?)

  • Anonymous

    wow the  zakhandreth is amazing and has got a fantastic pose, obryan on the other  hand whilst is a very good conversion could do with the lower body being bulked up!have you thought about using larger legs or  giving him a big cape?

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