WE’RE BACK: Lychguard Built!

I got my Lychguard built today!
I decided to arm them with Dispersion shields and Hyperphase swords, mainly because they look cool, but also because they’re hard to budge.
I’m thinking of running them along side Nemesor Zahndrekh and Obryon. Using Obryons Ghost Mantle and Zahndrekhs giving of skills rule.

I also got Trazyn, just because he rocks. Plus he’s also great with the Lychguard, as he’ll rarely ever die whilst they’re alive and he counts as scoring. SO for the UBER combination I could go for Zahndrekh on a barge, zoom him forward, have Trazyn, the lychguard, an attached Lord and Obryon teleport using the Ghost mantle landing within 6″ of Zahndrekh and not scatter, and rebound lots of shots whilst sat on an objective with Trazyn. It’s only 940pts!….

Anyway here are some poor pictures!