WE’RE BACK: Necron Painting Tutorials

Here’s how I painted my necrons!

Unfortunately just text at the moment, but can add photos later!

Shiny Metal bits

I started by undercoating the models black, from there I airbrushed on Vallejo Model Air Gun metal. A nice even coat everywhere.
Once that is dry, I apply Model Air Silver, but I only airbrush the top of the model, creating shadows and a nice blend of shiny metalic-ness!

All the joints, wrist and shin pistons, back of head and the spine are given a wash of  Badab Black, and one that is dry I apply a small amount of Gryphonne Sepia at the top and bottom of the joints, to represent oil and grime.
And with that the metals are done!
Oh, and gold bits are simply just the silver washed Sepia once or twice.

Green Bits

I quite liked the idea of the green material used in the construction, adds a nice contrast to the silver and I like green. Simple!
I started by thinning Orkhide shade with some screenwash, no specific amount, just so it looked thin enough to go through the airbrush, this was then airbrushed onto the areas and left to dry.
I then got a bit fat drybrush and proceeded to drybrush the areas lightly with goblin green, just enough to catch the panel edges and lines. I then drybrushed some of the higher areas scorpion green.
Once the drybrushing was done I airbrushed on a wash of badab black. The main benefit to doing it this way is you don’t get as much pooling, dry marks, brush marks etc. Gives it a really even coat which makes it look so much better! Try airbrushing badab black just over black spray and it makes a difference!


Glowy Bits

Glowy bits were dead simple. I undercoated them white, mainly by hand but with airbrush white, despite it being thinned it goes on very over dark colours, and you can do more layers with it being thinned.
After it was dry I used the weathering powder Patina Blue from Secret Weapon Miniatures and simply brushed it on dry from the pot onto and around the white areas. Done!


Bases were Cathan Brown, and then I brushed on FW Dark Sand weathering powder straight from the pot. I also added this to the lower sections of the vehicles, and at the bottom of the inset panels to represent the build up of sand. I also brushed it downwards from the panels to give the effect of it falling off with movement.


S0 there you go! How to paint 1500pts of necrons in two evenings and win best painted army!

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  • http://marts-warhammer-40k.blogspot.com/ Mart

    Alright fella! FOund this while looking for cron ideas. I may nic a couple of ideas, the metal model air colour in particular – for speed! Nice tut.

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    Feel free 🙂