WE’RE BACK: Nightbringer and a Cryptek

Managed to take some good photos of Nightbringer and the Cryptek. I finally managed to finish the base on these last night, I had to wait for the postman to bring my white pumice from Maelstrom Games.


I decided to go for the normal dark colours on Nightbringer, using my airbrush to give some zenathial lighting and then some washes. It also decided to spit white over the cloak at one stage, so thought I’d utilise the mistake and turn them into stars.
I used some of Forge Worlds Faded Green weathering powder as a contrast colour to the blue, and the I used a soft graphite pencil to edge the raised areas with metal to give him that Living Metal appearance. For a mornings work I’m happy with him! Until he breaks.


The Cryptek was done with my usual technique for Necrons

  • Skip

    Nice! Do you think red or orange weathering powder would achieve something like this? or would it look like rust?

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Red could work, but not over white of course, as it would go pink 😉

    Maybe yellow/orange rods with red powder? Or red rods with the orange, yeah that would work better!


  • Anonymous

    wow thats some amazing OSL ! 

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