WFB DOUBLES: Planning, Ideas and Panic

It suddenly dawned on me today that this years Fantasy Doubles event is fast approaching! It’s on 11th-12th May.. which is like.. 6 weeks away maybe?

Last year we took Ogres and Empire, however this year they changed the format slightly; we can now take a single 2000pt list or two single 1000pt lists. I’m not a fan of this change, but as I need to get the 2000pt Empire army painted anyway it was a good deadline.

We haven’t finalised the list yet, but it’s based around 35 swordsmen, 30 Greatswords, 20 Crossbows, 2 detatchments of 15 Halberds, 2 cannons, 2 Hellblasters with Engineers and whoever we decide to lead the force. At the moment it’s between a Lvl4 Metal wizard and a BSB Captain, or Balthasar Gelt.. who is just plain cool.

Some stuff I’ve been working on this week!

 photo 2013-03-27182813.jpg
 photo 2013-03-25205823.jpg
 photo 2013-03-25205816.jpg
 photo 2013-03-25205803.jpg

Some Teutogen Guard which we’ll be using as Greatswords, and the start of the Gelt conversion I just stuck together!