Where Do You Buy From?

We all like to save money, I know I do.. most of the time.
I’m curious that with all the independent stores and web-stores around these days selling our beloved GW addiction how do GW manage to keep open (and open more) all their stores?
I mean I haven’t seen my past store full since they opened up the Veterans Night to all the kiddies, (Or maybe 4ft tall kids just don’t fill as much space as 6ft tall guys?), I’ve been in there some days and maybe seen two other people over the day.

I currently buy everything from GW despite being a student, I bought my two Crusaders from my new store. Why you ask? I could have saved myself £10 to £15 going with a web-store, but because of where I live they can’t accept parcels, meaning I have to walk a mile to the main Post Office to collect my parcels. Plus that personal touch isn’t there, you don’t get to chat to other people about the hobby, speak to the staff and so on.
Also supporting my local store makes me feel slightly good inside. They let me come in, play games, chat, socialise, enter competitions and so on, all for free. A lot of people complain about GW but I like them, they give us a lot more than we think. For those of you that don’t have a local store I guess this doesn’t apply to you, but to the ones that do have, get down there now and SPEND SPEND SPEND.

  • Lactic Acid

    What kind of college student won't walk a mile to save enough cash to buy a pizza and beer?

    Anyways – Maelstrom and Wayland are the cheapest right now, at least in the US because of the current weakness of the pound. The Warstore is probably the best native option, and if you're not in a hurry you can almost always get what you're after the cheapest on Ebay. (For instance – GW sells a box of Night Goblins for $30, Maelstrom sells them for $24, I bought them on Ebay for $17 something, and almost bought a second box when I saw it sell for sub $15.)

  • Kuffy

    I tend to buy from either my local GW (Sheffield central) or the local wargamer's shop (Wargamer's Emporium) where I have a 10% discount due to them having a deal with my uni's gaming group. Otherwise its Malestrom games mainly online. They are a pretty good store, quick, easy and I've never had a problem with them.

  • http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/wienas wienas

    I worked out a deal with my local store where I and my friends only buy from them (instead of online), and we get a discount. We still pay sales tax, but we like supporting our local gaming scene. The manager was very understanding of the current market, and was willing to take less of a profit to keep our business. I really respected that, and will continue to do business with him.

  • nurglephill

    hmmmm i know your right…