Who Said Pink Was A Girls Colour?

Yay, more goodies to distract me!

My bases came for my Genestealer Horde today, all 60 of them, pretty good as they’re only 30p each. Got the from Antenociti’s Workshop. They have some cool terrain I might order one day too!

Anyway, here are the bases and a Genestealer on a base! My biggest surprise was that the bases were PINK!

Also, I finally re-found my two precious precious boxes of boxes. These boxes are only a few inches big but contain some of my most prized models. Have a picture of one of them.. Can you guess what they are? Course you can!

11 of the lovely things. (For anyone that doesn’t know they’re Genestealer Hybrids from the expansion pack for the old Space Hulk game, I believe it was called Genestealer, it introduced Librarians and Genestealer Hybrids to the game.)

  • http://unforgivenangels.wordpress.com/ 73rd

    Very pretty! I've bought a few scenics from Antenociti's Workshop including a bag of miniature leaves. I didn't come across those bases though! Must be a new addition

  • nurglephill

    very cool models..