Who’s Giddy for Space Hulk?!

Oh man, if the rumours are true we’ll soon be seeing the return of the classic Space Hulk game in it’s 3rd Edition form. I’ve always hated that I missed out on the first and second edition. Hell I had only just been born when it came out!
I’ll be getting my 1st edition plastic Terminators ready and using them for sure.

Another Space Hulk related thing I’m looking forward to is TearDowns  Space Hulk game, link to the right in the blogroll!

I was playing it the other day, I truly suck, and the AI hates me!

Each of those bright red blips is a Genestealer.
yeah I got Slaughtered.

  • Wolfs16

    Okay, where can we get this download! I really want to play it, but its been removed from the site.

  • http://2009waffleblog.blogspot.com/ drmwalkr

    As President of the Midwest Space Hulk Revival Movement i'm really looking forward to the release. Don't feel bad about the AI, that darn game kicks the stuffing out of me.