Wolf-Wing? Deathwing Is Where It’s At!

Ok, so I’m slightly cheesed that another codex can now have a full terminator army, as much as I like terminators I’m slightly reluctant to do the Space Wolf “Wolf Wing” as it’s now called. They have a lot more benefits over the Deathwing and that’s because they’re a different army.
I’ve read that a lot of people will be using the SW rules for their DW from now on, but why? Just because they’re newer doesn’t mean they’ll auto-win every game.
I’m not going to list the ups and downs of the armies as I haven’t had a proper read of the new SW ‘dex yet, but yeah it does seem quite tempting… but it’s also one of those armies that will generally do well because of it’s rules.
Deathwing don’t have this, we’re still on the old Space Marine rules and we’re doing just fine. In fact I’m quite content with the Dark Angel Codex.

I’m sticking with the Deathwing. When I registered for the Gauntlet the staff member serving me and the guy on the phone were saying I should just use the SW rules..
No, they’re Deathwing. Not Space Wolves. Yeah the Wolves have nice rules.. but they’re Deathwing!

“Counts as” is one thing, but using my Deathwing army as another army just seems wrong… Does anyone get what I’m on about?
Every codex that is spat out gets called the “cheesiest” or “broken”. It’s all forgotten about a month later. I’ve played Imperial Guard and beat them, I’ve played the old Wolf codex, that was quite mean, and I’ve beaten that, nothings unbeatable. I play Deathwing because I like them.. people under-estimate them and what they can do, they get overlooked because they’re not new and shiny. Combine that with a good player (such as myself) and you have a winning combo!

So, no Wolf Wing for me!

  • NecronTed

    I can't wait to get my Wolf Wing up and running.

  • sgtcooter

    Great answer, now you just need to find someone who'll ask the question 😉

  • http://www.raptor1313.blogspot.com/ raptor1313

    More power to you. Thing is, the 'Wolfwing' actually pays about the same, but isn't fearless. 33 for a Termie with a SB/Fist, about like Chaos. With a Fist, it's 43, which is about on par with the Deathwing.

    However, to enable it, you have to invest in a 275pt HQ, which does cut into your numbers. Logan Grimnar is cool and all, but his special powers are a bit pricy, and not always that useful for an all-termie army.

    As far as I'm concerned, the Wolfwing has about two things on Deathwing
    1) Ability to take more than 5 guys in the squad
    2) Updated Storm Shields/Cyclones

    Albeit, the updated storm shields jack up their price a bit, so it's not really that much a perk.

    Honestly, if Deathwing gets the updated Cyclones and Storm shields, they'd be pretty much sitting pretty.

  • Guest

    Amen, Brother, stick to the DW and remember that we will soon get an update and we will not have to worry about Gav nerfing our dex like defore!

  • winterous

    It's cool that they can, but they're not like OMG powerful.
    Their basic Terminators are cheap, with just a Storm Bolter and Power sword, 33 points for that, and they have Counter-Attack.
    To take them with a Fist you're paying 43 points a model.
    To take a TH/SS or pair of Wolf Claws (slightly better than LC, only VERY slightly) 63 and 48 points respectively, which is fucking hugely overpriced.

    On top of that, you need to dish out for a 275 point HQ model, heaps more expensive than what-his-face.
    Given he's great, but you still just want more models.
    He's got a once-per-game ability of 18″ aura of +1 attack, pretty good, although it's models, not units.
    And at the start of every player turn, he and his unit gain 1 of 4 abilities, Fearless, Tank Hunters, Relentless, or Preferred Enemy.
    He can also choose to use his weapon as a +1S Power weapon, or a Fist, splitting his attacks between the two as he wishes.

    That's basically it.

  • Itkovian

    I think you have a good point – using a literal Deathwing army as Wolfwing would seem kin of silly. Luckily for me, mine are counts-as Deathwing anyway, so I'll be using whatever rules I feel like using on a game by game basis. That said, I'm taking them as Deathwing for the campaign weekend I'm going to later in the month.

  • GoblinBob

    Thats one 1500pt Wolf Wing army coming up 🙂

  • jclegg

    I'm a Space Wolves player and I have no intention of building a Wolf-WIng — Sure the rules say you can do it if you take Grimnar, but to me it's not really a 'wolfy' build. The folks who are talking about using the SW rules for every kind of Space Marine army are making me cringe (Wordbearers? Are you kidding me?).

    So kudos to you for sticking with your Deathwing and making it work.

  • bj_dybus

    I am with you. I recently decided I wanted to do an all Terminator list and I am sticking to Deathwing, I like the rules and the codex, sure it could use an update, but I am happy and can't wait to get started on my DEATHWING army 🙂


  • nurglephill

    Well i can tell you why i would do a DW over a WW. the wolves suck. Personally…and i know i am on my own here…..i have never liked them. Just vikings….whats so great about that? In 40000 years we havent found nastier beasts than wolves? And lets face it, they are just dogs. No, if your going to have a SM chapter based on an animal THAT far into the future then pick a better, nastier beasty….make one up.
    Having said all that the other reason not to do a WW is because for the first time ever the wolves have a cool looking model, and he is riding a giant wolf…he doesnt look like he is in termy armour.
    So, no Wolves for me either. And to be honest now we have read the horus books on the DA and their 'secret'…I mean, thats a crappy secret isnt it?
    So i guess what I am saying is i wouldnt do either, i would probably use another chapter and use the DA codex or something.

    *prepares for the tiiim onslaught!*