World Eaters Rhino Test 2

Wow, progress went good today! I got the armour done on all 5 vehicles, the last 4 are awaiting metals and then a wash of Devlan mud, of which I have next to none -_- Ordered some more today from GW, a couple of pots! I didn’t expect to have them all done that quick!

Been adding a bit of grime, weathering and of course BLOOD to the Rhino.

Just needs the skull on the spike, the crew and the lights doing! Crew will be done in one batch I imagine.. Hurrah!

  • winterous

    Man, that Brass looks FUDGING AWESOME!
    And how do you do the blood? It looks so real!

  • feldmarshalgoehring

    Again, this looks excellent.

    I think that the skull casts that you made turned out really well. I appreciate you sharing the “how to” on that one.

  • nurglephill

    thats just too good too fast. grrrrrr