Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

1. Payment:

A. On quoted work, the Client will render a deposit of a minimum of 25% of the initial quote. In the event that commission works are received before this deposit is received, work will not commence until the receipt of the full deposit.
B. In the event that commission works are received and no deposit is made within twenty eight (28) days of receipt of the commission works, TVT Studios will assume termination of the contract as detailed in Section 6d.
C. A secondary payment, will be made for the release of the work to the Client. This payment will be of the remainder of the quote, plus any additional charges/fees incurred along with the cost of postage.

2. Requirements:
The Client shall make arrangements to take care of TVT Studios’ technical needs, which in this case are:

A. Sufficient detailing of the requirements and specifications of the commission work. It is understood by the client that all correspondence is kept in record, and all details relevant to the above signed work constitute part of this agreement. The details are therefore assumed in chronological order, most recent being the most correct.
B. Proof and details of postage paid to send the commission work to TVT Studios, where such is relevant. This is required in order to correctly process payment and return postage where such is relevant.
C. Correct address. TVT Studios will do everything within its power to ensure that the work is sent to the provided address; it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that given address details are correct.

3. Changes to Commission

A. TVT Studios must be informed of any changes to the requested commission before receipt of the commission works.
B. It is assumed that work begins upon receipt of the commission works. In certain, rare circumstances, changes can be made during the process. However, it is the understanding of the Client that changes requested after receipt of the works may be refused at TVT Studios’ discretion.

4. Timing:

A. Any indications of timing by TVT Studios (including, but not limited to, estimated completion dates, and dates of delivery) are estimates and whilst every effort will be made to adhere to any timing suggestions given, reasonable variance should be expected.
B. The only exception to 4a is any estimation of chargeable work time. Any suggestions of cost (when charged by the hour) are quotes and will be adhered to within reasonable allowance.
C. Should the duration of a ‘charged by the hour’ work be extended, TVT Studios will do everything within its power to come to an amicable solution.

5. Postage:

A. TVT Studios makes zero (0) profit from shipping charges. Shipping charges are to cover the cost of packaging materials, travel expenses and postage fees, and are as such, non negotiable.

6. Cancellations, Termination of Contract, and Forfeiture:

A. If in the case that the Client cancels the engagement, without written notice to TVT Studios later than the receipt of the works described herein by TVT Studios, then the Client shall pay TVT Studios the full wage agreed upon herein.
B. If the Client render written notice of cancellation after sending, but before receipt of the works, then the Client shall be accountable for all costs incurred including, but not limited to, postage fees of the items return, and any costs agreed by the Client and TVT Studios in relation to additional materials required.
C. If the Client render written notice of cancellation before sending of the works then the Client shall be held blameless and unaccountable.
D. In the event that the Client refuses payment as detailed above, or otherwise breeches this contract, knowingly or otherwise, or terminates this contract, works received will be made forfeit to TVT Studios, for selling to recuperate lost moneys.
E. In the event that TVT Studios terminates this contract, all works received will be returned as detailed in 6b, and all monies received, with the exclusion of the exact cost incurred for shipping and any initial deposit paid as detailed in 1A, will be returned.
F. In all cases, the initial deposit is non-refundable.

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