Warhammer commission painting Kharn 30k

This Commission was a change from the full armies and I got to spend plenty of time painting this model. One of the briefs with the model was plenty of blood and dirt on the miniature so added some weathering and plenty of gore!

Run through of the scheme:

  • Basecoat corax white shade with sepia 
  • highlight with any white also add chips with this then fill in chips with doombull brown
  • bronze is balthasar  gold highlighted with Sycorax Bronze then stormhost silver 
    after wash with sepia
  • the blue was alaitoc blue shaded with kantor blue then a mix of kantor and black 
  • The skin was painted Cadian Flesh and using Doombull brown thinned with water I painted it into the recesses after that is just high light in the following order Cadian flesh, Kislev flesh and Ushabti bone I used a thin coat of Reikland Fleshshade after 
  • metals are leadbelcher then washed with nuln oil and highlighted stormhost 

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