Warhammer commission painting – Primarch Guilliman Ultramarines Chapter

This is a Commission I did a while back but never had the time to post its a great model to paint a lot of detail i found it easier to airbush the model in gold to start for the Warhammer 40k commission 

here a  of how I Painted the main parts this commission 


  • Basecoat black, I the sprayed the mini with Retrebutor gold and washed with Reikland Fleshshade and then highlighted with Auric Gold , Liberator Gold and finally Stormhost Silver 
  • next I then filled in the blue parts with Calgar Blue then using Macragge Blue thing down paint it round all the gold then using a very thinned down with medium Leviadon Blue over all the armour to blend 
  • The Face was painted Cadian Flesh and using Doombull brown thinned with water I painted it into the recesses after that is just high light in the following order Cadian flesh, Kislev flesh and Ushabti bone I used a thin coat of Reikland Fleshshadeafter 
  • all metal parts were just painted Leadbelcher washed with Nuln oil and Highlighted with Stormhost Silver
  • the sword was painted  black then added some red to the black and just painted it when I wanted it and kept adding red and then orange to blending it to get the effect I was looking for 


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