Warhammer commission painting – Primarch Guilliman Ultramarines Chapter

This is a Commission I did a while back but never had the time to post its a great model to paint a lot of detail i found it easier to airbush the model in gold to start for the Warhammer 40k commission 

here a  of how I Painted the main parts this commission 


  • Basecoat black, I the sprayed the mini with Retrebutor gold and washed with Reikland Fleshshade and then highlighted with Auric Gold , Liberator Gold and finally Stormhost Silver 
  • next I then filled in the blue parts with Calgar Blue then using Macragge Blue thing down paint it round all the gold then using a very thinned down with medium Leviadon Blue over all the armour to blend 
  • The Face was painted Cadian Flesh and using Doombull brown thinned with water I painted it into the recesses after that is just high light in the following order Cadian flesh, Kislev flesh and Ushabti bone I used a thin coat of Reikland Fleshshadeafter 
  • all metal parts were just painted Leadbelcher washed with Nuln oil and Highlighted with Stormhost Silver
  • the sword was painted  black then added some red to the black and just painted it when I wanted it and kept adding red and then orange to blending it to get the effect I was looking for 


Warhammer Commission painting -Necron

Necron commission painting

Just a quick commission the client asked for those at above table top level and the bases to be left. The commission comprised of a Technomancer and a  Chronomancer for the clients Necron army

the scheme for this commission was done with the following 

Run through of the scheme:

  • Basecoat black, with a coat of ironbreaker over it 
  • Wash with Nuln Oil, 
  • Gold is Retributor Armor with a  Reikland Fleshshade wash over it  and then highlighted with Auric Gold , Liberator Gold
  • The green for the orbs and other brighter parts  is Moot Green with dorn Dorn yellow (Edge paint) to make sources stand out (the eyes), then all  glazed with Warplighting green to  green to tie it all together.
  • the other green parts were painted Caliban green as a base then highlighted with Warpstone green then moot green