Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 2


A few weeks ago I started a dwarf commission¬†but then I had to start packing ready to move. During this time the client decided to add a couple of units to the army too. This week I’ll be finishing the dwarf commission! the client asked for a winter theme with an overall bright scheme with a turquoise colour as the […]

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Smaug: Unboxing Video


Yesterday my Smaug miniature from Games Workshop arrived via UPS. I decided to film a quick unboxing video which I’ve uploaded to the TVT YouTube Channel. Sorry for the shakiness, it’s quite difficult to unbox a 2.4kg dragon with one hand and remain still

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Iyanden Eldar Commission

Eldar (9)

A small Eldar Commission I painted over the weekend. The client wanted an inverted Iyanden look, with the main colour being blue with the yellow as a secondary colour. I used a few new techniques for these that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. For example the clear canopies I wanted to paint the non-glass bits in […]

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Sanguinary Guard Commission Complete

Sanguinary Guard commission (3)

Yesterday I finished working on the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard unit and The Sanguinor as part of a small commission. I think that these models will benefit from the new larger 32mm bases that the Blood Angels appear to be packaged with now as they’re a little top heavy – I stuck 1p pieces to the bottom of my own […]

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Sanguinary Guard Commission 2

Sanguinary Guard (1)

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I plodded along with the Sanguinary Guard today getting most of the details done. The clients specifications were just like the box so I went with the lightning effect on the swords which contrasts nicely with the bright wings. I added some chipping to the wings to break up the white and added scorch marks on […]

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