Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 1

So this is last project I’ll be doing before I move to my new apartment, and it’ll be a tight squeeze to meet the deadline before I have to start packing! I’ll be working on a Warhammer Dwarf commission this week. The force consists of a Battle Standard, the plastic Runelord, 20 Hammerers, 2 Organ …


Blood Bowl Human, Orc and Skaven Team Commissions

Phew! Busy last few weeks trying to organise projects before I move to a new apartment! Last week I painted a total of three blood bowl teams for two different commissions. First up was the Skaven Team from Black Scorpion miniatures. They’re lovely figures with tonnes of detail. They even sent a pack of Love Heart Sweets! …


Necron Commission – Ghost Ark and Deathmarks

This week I finished up the Necron commission, it took a little longer than anticipated as I was apartment hunting with Amy (we found an apartment!). Started with the Deathmarks. I’ve always liked these models and they perform decently in-game too. Can’t go wrong with Scarabs really, there’s normally five bases in the battle force …

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