Urban Tau Empire Commission Showcase


A different style of Tau that I normally paint (desert!) this urban Tau force is part of an ongoing commission with various batches spread across the year. The first batch consisted of 60 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, an Etheral, A Cadre Fireblade, Darkstrider and 4 Devilfish. The scheme was acheived by spraying the models black and then two different greys. […]

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Assassinorum Execution Force Assassin Showcase


 It’s always really rewarding to find some time to paint my own models! Painting full time during the week means I rarely want to spend my evenings and weekends painting more models – unless I’m quite inspired to do so! Usually this involves painting for an event (such as my Tomb King last May for Battle Brothers) or a campaign […]

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Red Scorpion Vehicles Commission Showcase


I have an ongoing commission for Red Scorpion vehicles, about one a month at the moment. The first batch consisted of a Predator, Vindicator, Storm Talon, Storm Raven and a Venerable Dreadnought. A lot of the techniques used can be found in the Forge World Masterclass book (book two I think!). I really enjoy weathering as it’s a completely different […]

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Ultramarine Tactical Squad Commission Showcase


I was asked to paint one of the Space Marine Tactical Squads in 5th Company Ultamarine colours. I’ve never actually seen the new Tactical Squad kit until now – it’s a great kit. Everything fits together nicely and the details are all crisp, it made them very enjoyable to work on.  I went for an overall neater scheme than usual […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Possessed Commission Showcase


I’ve never seen the (now dated) chaos possessed kit before, the pictures of it online really don’t do it justice making them look cartoony and daft. I wanted to make sure that this squad didn’t end up like that! I spent a short while sorting through the available arms and matching them up to legs and bodies so I’d end […]

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