Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game Commission Showcase


I’m not a massive comic book fan and it’s usually more Marvel than DC… and then I only know the usual lineup of super heroes and villains! I was asked to paint a selection of miniatures from the Batman miniatures game by Knight Models. They’re 32mm metal models which are nicely detailed and sculpted. I’m not a fan of metal […]

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Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Tactics


Hello everyone! I’ve been using my Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth for a few solid weeks recently as part of a campaign and I thought I’d write a short Tactics article on how I use them. Army List Firstly, there is no set army list, there’s no points in Age of Sigmar and it’s pretty much ‘take what you like’ in […]

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Age of Sigmar Converted Khorne Models


Following on from my last post on converting the Stormcast Eternal half of the starter set I decided to try to convert up some of the Khorne models.  The Khorne models are a bit harder to convert as they have more exposed flesh which is harder to align compared to armour panels, but I’m still pretty happy how they’ve turned out […]

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Age of Sigmar Lord Relictor Conversion


I picked up a second starter set for Age of Sigmar to boost up the contents of the first set. I figured that with all the extra figures I wanted from the set buying them from places like eBay or bits stores would end up costs nearly as much as the starter set! So with the second set I’ve obviously […]

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Age of Sigmar Baleful Realmgate Showcase


I painted up a couple of the Baleful Realmgate scenery pieces for my board (well.. my upcoming Age of Sigmar board when it’s released). I really like these scenery pieces, they were easy to assemble and look great! Some people how said that the detail isn’t as crisp as other models, but in my view as it’s scenery it doesn’t […]

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